Team Phoenix Talks: Joshua Ley

In our second #TeamPhoenixTalks, we catch up with Joshua Ley, Sales Executive – Education to find out what it’s like to be a new member of Team Phoenix and what support he receives to help him to grow in his career.

What led to your role at Phoenix?

“As a recent graduate in July 2020, I was hit hard by the lack of employment opportunities due to the Covid-19 pandemic and found myself in a position I wasn’t fully invested in, long-term. So, I continued looking for graduate jobs and in 2021 I was given an amazing opportunity to interview with Phoenix.

“I remember doing extensive research into the company, and before I’d even spoke to someone at Phoenix, it felt like the right fit for me. An ambitious and successful company operating in the rapidly growing IT sector, Phoenix’s permanent drive for growth through support and training, and the team’s level of specialist knowledge and rapport with customers was a rarity when compared with the other companies I’d researched.”

What was your experience of the recruitment process?

“My first interview was an introduction to Phoenix and was as much about making sure the role and company was right for me, as it was the other way around. I spoke with Jake and Debbie from the education team, and Trevor, employee engagement and staff welfare manager, who all made me feel extremely relaxed and welcome. My perception that Phoenix was a good fit for me was cemented after this initial meeting.

“The second interview was more about me; if the role and culture was the right match for me and what I would bring to Phoenix. I obviously was a good fit and couldn’t have been happier to be offered the position.”

How did you find your first couple of weeks at Phoenix?

“Not having any prior sales or IT experience could have made my first couple of weeks challenging, but I had access to plenty of resources as part of my induction and received so much support from the team that before I knew it, I had the knowledge I needed to get stuck in.

“As part of the schools team within Phoenix’s education department, my induction training focused on learning the fundamentals of Microsoft licensing, the Adobe suite, server refreshes, Microsoft Surface products, and security and cloud backup. Alongside this, I had introductory Teams calls with people across the company, from directors to team managers to help me to understand everyone’s roles and what each department does. This was a great way to get to know people when I first joined, and it gave me a great sense of how approachable everyone was.”

Tell us a little bit about your role.

“From Microsoft licensing to Adobe, and servers and hardware rollouts, I’m dealing with new projects every day. I find the best software solutions for schools to support their students and staff, and as someone who loves working with people and enjoys always being engaged, I couldn’t imagine a better position.”

What’s your experience of working at Phoenix so far?

“I can’t reiterate enough how much I’ve learned since starting here. Our team leader, Jake has a full schedule, but always finds time to speak to me and catch up with the rest of the team, and everyone in the education team is always more than happy to help and share their knowledge. This supportive environment has quickly helped me to feel confident in my role.

“Even starting remotely before I’d met any of the team in person, I felt a strong sense of friendship and know I will always have the support I need. If you have a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn, there is everything here to support you to excel at your job.”

What training is available at Phoenix to support your development?

“Since my induction, I have continued to learn and develop and there is always encouragement to expand your knowledge and skills. Whether that’s through assessments, meetings with partners, speaking to specialists within the business, or research into an area you want to learn more about, Phoenix provide the tools and resources you need to grow both professionally and personally – the only limits set are by yourself.”

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Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson joined Phoenix in early 2020 as a Digital Marketing Specialist and has since progressed to a Digital Marketing Manager. Jennifer is responsible for the Digital Marketing Team and is passionate about supporting the business and its goals through creative marketing campaigns. Jennifer works closely with specialists within Phoenix and vendors to ensure all our marketing campaigns are educational, impactful, and add value to our customers.

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