Phoenix is appointed as a supplier under the Crown Commercial Services’ new RM6188 framework

Phoenix has been specially selected to provide audit and assurance services to central government and public sector under the new framework.

We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed by the Crown Commercial Service to offer services on the Audit and Assurance Services (A&AS) framework, RM6188, which is available to all public sector bodies, including central government, devolved administrations, the wider public sector, and third sector.

The benefits of the new framework include, terms and conditions specifically adapted for the audit market, competitive market rates, and maximum rates fixed for the life of the agreement. Plus, all suppliers under the RM6188 framework are Cyber Essentials accredited.

Phoenix is one of just 26 suppliers that has been named under Lot 4, ‘other independent assurance’, which allows us to offer all of our governance, risk, and compliance services. Established for four years (expiring on 3rd September 2025), either tender or direct award is available for the framework.

Lot 4 services include:

  • Advice on and assurance over non-financial information including, but not limited to strategy, risk, and corporate governance
  • Advice on and assurance over KPIs including, but not limited to environmental, sustainability, and workforce reporting
  • Compliance monitoring and risk management
  • Independent assurance reviews including special purpose reviews and investigations
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Service auditor reports including, but not limited to international standard on assurance engagements (ISAE) 3402 standards
  • Third party risk management including, but not limited to supply chain and contract assurance
  • Well led governance reviews

Lot 4 does not include:

  • Workforce audit services including but not limited to temporary, fixed term or permanent staffing (clinical and non-clinical)
  • Grant funding assurance including but not limited to programme reviews and impact assessments

For more information or to explore how Phoenix can assist you under the new framework, please contact our Governance, Risk and Compliance team by emailing: [email protected].

View a full list of our frameworks.

Naomi Busuttil
Naomi Busuttil

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