Boost the productivity and value of your M365 investment with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Fully utilise your Microsoft investments, enable collaborative, efficient, and secure working, and accelerate digital transformation with an Adobe Acrobat Pro DC subscription licence.

Upgrading to a subscription-based licence for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC empowers your organisation to maximise its Microsoft investment with timesaving PDF tools for Microsoft 365 (M365) apps.

With Acrobat Pro DC, your organisation’s workforce has the ability to:

  • Convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files into high-quality PDFs
  • Convert PDFs into M365 files
  • Easily view, create, and organise PDFs from SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Store PDFs within the cloud, increasing the security of sensitive information
  • Convert PDFs to M365 file formats
  • Password protect confidential information

Benefits of using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC subscription licence 

Support remote and hybrid working

Acrobat Pro DC with PDF enables teams to collaborate from anywhere, on any device. Create shareable PDFs in M365 for teams to work on together in SharePoint or OneDrive, with online reviews to collate feedback in one place, and access your files and tools wherever you are.

Support virtual environments

Deploy Acrobat Pro DC in virtual environments for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, VMware Horizon, Microsoft App-V, and Microsoft Windows Terminal Server (WTS).

Greater cyber protection for documents

Ensure your documents are protected by eradicating the need for your workforce to download documents from SharePoint and OneDrive when you add PDF tools to M365. Files are password protected in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to safeguard confidential information and restrict copying, editing, and printing.

With Acrobat Pro DC, your organisation can also protect and elevate the impact of PDF-based attacks with built-in security and defence solutions, such as sandboxing, leak protection, and code sanitation.

Streamline and simplify software management, and reduce compliance risk

Acrobat DC allows you to fast-track central PDF services deployment by configuring M365 without installing additional software on the end users’ desktop. And easily assign, reassign, remove, and manage your organisation’s Acrobat DC licences, allowing you to optimise budgets and receive new features and security updates, at no extra cost.

Why upgrade to an Adobe Acrobat Pro DC subscription licence?

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the complete PDF solution for modern organisations. Opting for subscription-based licence enables your organisation to accelerate digital transformation, improve efficiency by saving time and money, increase ROI, and support hybrid working.

For more information about Adobe Acrobat Pro DC subscription licences and how upgrading to one will support your organisation, please contact us.

Ben Murden
Ben Murden

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