Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Cheryl Lapham, Phoenix’s Microsoft Business Manager for Education, explores the features and benefits of Azure Dev Tools for Teaching in the first of our student and staff Microsoft resource series. 

Empower faculty and students with Microsoft’s Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. Enable your students to seamlessly innovate and learn with access to everything they need to kick-start their future careers or design the next breakthrough in technology.

What is Azure Dev Tools for Teaching?

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching equips your faculty and students with professional developer tools, software, and services from Microsoft on a low-cost monthly subscription.

When you subscribe, your students will have access to developer tools to create apps, games, and websites at no additional cost.

Administrators of the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription can:

  • Manage and access software through a centralised online location, eliminating the need to maintain a WebStore or an internal site
  • Give academic users access to software, free training and learning materials, and the Azure cloud platform

Student access and distribution of Azure Dev Tools for Teaching software

Access to the Microsoft Education Hub Store comes with your Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription. Your students will be able to access cloud services via the Education Hub Store in the Azure portal with their school or Azure Dev Tools for Teaching log in.

Students can log in using the same credentials they use to access your Active Directory account if this is something that you use, but they don’t need an Office 365 account to access Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. Alternatively, if they’re not Active Directory users, they can create a Microsoft Account using the same email address that you provide them.

Students aren’t required to sign up for an Azure subscription to access their software benefits, but Microsoft does offer Azure credit and access to free Azure services with its Azure for Students offer.

After downloading the software, students get unlimited use of Azure Dev Tools for Teaching to further their learning and research.

Faculty access and distribution of Azure Dev Tools for Teaching software

Microsoft’s Azure Dev Tools for Teaching licence allows any personnel that teaches or instructs students, conducts non-commercial research, or does both, to access the software.

This enables support staff responsible for maintaining departmental labs to install Azure Dev Tools for Teaching software onto their personal computers – however, this is only for evaluation purposes.

Faculty members who are enrolled on an approved departmental course are also eligible to install Azure Dev Tools for Teaching software onto their personal computer for non-commercial use.

Products included with an Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription

  • Microsoft Access
  • Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Agents for Visual Studio
  • BizTalk Server
  • SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher (formerly Datazen Enterprize)
  • Host Integration Server
  • Machine Learning Server (formerly R Server)
  • Hyper-V Server
  • Microsoft Project
  • Remote Tools for Visual Studio
  • SharePoint Server
  • Skype for Business Server
  • SQL Server Developer
  • SQL Server Enterprise
  • SQL Server Standard
  • SQL Server Web
  • System Center
  • Azure DevOps Server (formerly Visual Studio Team Foundation Server)
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio Community
  • Visual Studio Enterprise
  • Visual Studio for Mac
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, is free of charge for EES customers and instructions on the enrolment process are included in the ‘Welcome to EES’ email that customers receive when signing into a new enrolment.

If you have any questions about Azure Dev Tools for Teaching could be beneficial to your students and faculty, or would like guiding through the sign up process, please contact us.

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