Maximise the value of your organisation’s data with Azure Purview

Giles Horwood, Managing Director of Simpson Associates – a Phoenix partner – explores the importance of reliable and clear data in making informed decisions that give organisations the agility they need in today’s modern workplace.

Data has never been more valuable to organisations than it is now and unlocking this data is key in helping your organisation to future-proof. Over the last 20-months, the importance of data in planning and forecasting has been proven in helping organisations to adjust to a dramatically changing landscape, and hybrid and remote working environments.

Data enables both analytical power — analysing the past to gain new insights — and predictive power — predicting future events and trends to plan ahead.

In many organisations, data isn’t stored in one place. Instead it is fragmented across different departments within the organisation, leading to the insights gained from it becoming disjointed. This adds complexity and often results in delays in gathering the required data to make informed decisions that empower organisations to make optimisations and remain agile. Not knowing where your data is and what it’s telling you, will leave you with little insight into the future. And being prepared for the future is vital for any organisation.

How can I get the most out of my data?

You need a way to bring the data you have access to together, and then share this data with the right people to ensure that it is fully utilised. Alongside this, it’s important to have established a suitable data governance structure to confirm the security, validity, and trustworthiness of the data.

Microsoft’s Azure Purview is a unified data governance service that supports its data analytics tools to enable organisations to fully understand their data. Whether it’s stored on-premise, in the cloud, in software as a solution (SaaS) applications, or in Power BI, Azure Purview discovers all data across an organisation to create a complete, up-to-date picture of your data landscape with automated data discovery, sensitive data classification, and end-to-end data lineage.

What can I achieve with Azure Purview?

Azure Purview enables you understand your data exposures by using over 100 automated AI classifiers that recognise personally identifiable information (PII), sensitive data, and out-of-compliance data. You can view your entire data estate and drill into assets containing sensitive data across on-premise, multi-cloud, and multi-edge locations.

There is often concerns about the need for governance and the conflict between control and empowerment of data usage, and a lack of knowledge about how data reaches users. This results in organisations choosing unsuitable governance based on a least risk approach. While there are many components to data governance, Azure Purview provides an understanding of what data your organisation has access to and how to apply controls that still allow innovation.

Additionally, using Azure Synapse Analytics alongside Azure Purview allows organisations to develop solutions that combine their data into a fully governed platform. This ensures that the data reaches the people that need it quickly and gives organisations the ability to respond to today’s ever-changing landscape, rapidly and with ease.

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Ben Murden
Ben Murden

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