Why you need immutable backup

You have cyber security in place and regularly backup your systems, so your organisation’s data is safe, right? Not entirely… To fully protect your organisation and rapidly recover from cyber security breaches and ransomware you need an immutable backup solution.

As ransomware attempts surge and cyber criminals’ tactics become more sophisticated in an attempt to outwit stronger cyber security measures, attacks that specifically target system backups are increasing. Because of this, organisations must deploy a backup and recovery solution that ensures data permanence to avoid data becoming vulnerable.

Although an organisation’s primary data storage system often needs to be open to allow its workforce to access data that is required for everyday tasks, backup data must always be isolated and unchangeable to guarantee recovery in the event of a cyber attack.

Organisations need valid, immutable backup copies of their data which are protected and can’t be eradicated, modified, or encrypted to prevent ransomware attackers from deleting stored backups. If your backup data is editable, your organisation is leaving itself open to being unable to recover from any ransomware attacks and could even be in breach of compliance regulations if original copies of data are required in future.

What is immutable backup?

Immutable backup is a data backup that cannot be altered. Once the data is saved, it cannot be changed or deleted.

When a data backup is immutable, it prevents your organisation’s data from becoming corrupted, deleted, or stolen by cyber criminals who may request a ransom to return what’s been stolen.

Why is immutable backup important?

Data is not only key to enable your organisation to reduce costs, become more efficient, and improve its processes, it can also be highly sensitive, and – for some organisations – could become dangerous in the wrong hands.

While traditional data backups are designed to allow you to keep a version of your data, they aren’t always able to restore data that has been encrypted by a ransomware attack. However, immutable backups are immune to ransomware infections. An immutable backup ensures that no changes can be made by creating read-only backup data. This means that if your data is stolen or falls victim to ransomware, it can’t be encrypted or deleted by the attacker.

Immutable backup solutions from Dell

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery from Dell defends and isolates your organisation’s data from ransomware and other cyber threats. The solution uses machine learning to identify suspicious activity and recover recognisable data, allowing you to respond to and manage ransomware attempts quickly and successfully.

Key features:

  • Data isolation and immutability
  • Monitor data integrity with CyberSense analytics and machine learning
  • Accelerate data recovery following a cyber or ransomware attack


As a Dell Technologies Titanium Partner, Phoenix has the proven specialist knowledge to deliver the best outcomes for your organisation.

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