Phoenix partners with Deep Instinct to provide stronger cyber security solutions

The partnership to offer Deep Instinct’s Prevention Platform to the UK public sector will support organisations to defend against cyber crime with an innovative prevention first approach to zero-day cyber attacks.

Deep Impact

Delivering end-to-end deep learning cyber security to public sector organisations, Deep Instinct’s Prevention Platform identifies unknown and previously unseen malware and threats at the endpoint to prevent infection across your network and wider IT structure.

With a high degree of accuracy and a low false-positive rate, the Prevention Platform significantly reduces the risk of a breach by identifying zero-day attacks in less than 20 milliseconds, 750x faster than the fastest known ransomware can begin to encrypt.

With the recent prevalence of ransomware attacks within the education sector, initially the focus will be on government and education as organisations begin to take a more proactive and preventative approach to protecting their networks and eliminating potential cyber security risks. By leveraging our extensive experience and relationships with public sector organisations through the partnership, Deep Instinct will deliver advanced capabilities to predict and prevent cyber attacks within the sector and equip organisations with stronger cyber security.

Sam Linford, VP Channel and MSSP EMEA, Deep Instinct comments, “The public sector continues to be a prime target for attackers as they seek to cause maximum disruption and hold the industry to ransom. We need to work together to stop these criminals from having all the control and bringing SOC teams to their knees, and this means making true prevention capabilities available and accessible to all.

“Phoenix has the expertise and extensive contacts in the public sector space, which will open doors for us and will ensure that customers have access to the latest innovative solutions that will put them on the front foot when it comes to stopping cyber security threats before they even hit the network. This is a true prevention-first approach and represents a significant opportunity for both us and Phoenix in providing a solution that will secure the public sector against attacks.”

Jonathon Scott, Head of Alliances, Phoenix, continues, “Security continues to be one of the top conversations within our customer base and it is vital we align ourselves to fresh and innovative technology. Deep Instinct’s deep learning, prevention first approach makes a lot of sense, leading to an impressive capture rate and low false positive rate. This is a solid addition to our security portfolio.”

To explore how this partnership can support your organisation, or for more information, please contact us.

Ben Murden
Ben Murden

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