It’s official! Phoenix is a great place to work

Great Place To Work Certified :ogoPhoenix is Great Place to Work Certified™ with 96% of Team Phoenix stating that they are proud to tell others that they work here.

Our employees are our most important asset. They are at the heart of our business transformation journey and as we continue to grow, we are dedicated to ensuring that every employee at Phoenix feels heard, appreciated, and enjoys coming to work. We achieve this by giving our employees a voice, and following a recent entire company employee survey issued through Great Place to Work, we are extremely proud to announce that we have been officially recognised as a Great Place to Work!

The certification showcases Phoenix as an exceptional workplace where our employees feel trusted and valued and validates the culture and experience we have cultivated together with every member of Team Phoenix in recent years.


of employees reported that they were made to feel welcome when they joined the company


believe that our management team are honest and ethical in their business practices


feel that they are fairly treated regardless of sexual orientation


feel that they are fairly treated regardless of race


feel that they are fairly treated regardless of gender


of our employees look forward to coming to work here


Our Managing Director, Sam Mudd comments on the accreditation: “I’m thrilled to announce that Phoenix Software Ltd has achieved the certification Great Place to Work.

“Our high level of staff engagement and the talent we have in the business is a very special ingredient that enables us to deliver the high standards and the customer focus we pride ourselves on. This certification is undoubtedly a reflection of our employees’ energy and passion that we work hard to nurture in our work environment!”

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Ben Murden
Ben Murden

Ben has over two decades in the IT industry, delivering both online and offline campaigns across all platforms to meet business goals and objectives. Joining Phoenix in 1999 as a graphic designer, Ben has evolved over the years into a fully-rounded marketing professional, before being promoted to Phoenix Marketing Manager early in 2018, reporting directly to the MD. With his background in creative design, Ben takes projects from inception to execution and can identify the correct strategy based on the subject, audience, and goals – while increasing the brand profile and revenue. His passion for digital marketing is evident in everything he does, and both vendors and strategic partners often comment on his incredibly positive attitude to ‘make things happen’.

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