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On 5th April Microsoft hosted its ‘Windows Powers the Future of Hybrid Work’ event, focused on the Windows vision from the client to the cloud. Catch up on the key takeaways from the event below, including the latest Microsoft and Windows updates.

The demo-driven digital event charted the future of Windows and Microsoft cloud services, showcasing how to alleviate the core challenges organisations are now facing managing hybrid work, enhanced security, and remote operations.

The keynote speech was followed by three in-depth break-out sessions that focused on end-user productivity and collaboration, simplicity in IT management, and security concerns for the future of hybrid work.


Watch all of the sessions from Microsoft’s ‘Windows Powers the Future of Hybrid Work’ event here.


Key Microsoft and Windows updates from ‘Windows Powers the Future of Hybrid Work’

File Explorer

File explorer has been completely refreshed to help you find what you need, fast. With app folders now inside the ‘Start’ menu, organising and easily finding apps on your Windows 11 desktop like you would on your mobile device and tablet is simple.

Meeting experience

A whole host of new AI-based advancements designed to make virtual and hybrid meetings and collaboration more natural are about to be launched. The new features include, automatic framing to refocus your camera as you move around, voice clarity, and voice focus.

The updates also include a new ‘Eye contact’ feature, which improves eye contact during virtual meetings and video calls.


Windows 11 is the most accessible and inclusive version of Windows ever. With a variety of new features like Focus, system-wide Live Captions, and Voice Access, Windows 11 empowers everyone to be as productive as possible.

Windows Autopatch 

This service is designed to improve your IT resource by making Windows and Microsoft 365 update management easier. Autopatch ensures endpoints are strong, protected, and compliant, allowing your IT team to focus on other projects.

Application management for Microsoft Edge

This is a gamechanger, enabling end-users to access organisational resources from an unmanaged device and giving IT teams the ability to control the how resources are accessed.

With app protection policies applied from Endpoint Manager, administrators can configure how data flows in and out of the organisation, as well as define acceptable threat levels. This allows more businesses to safely deploy a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model or empower employees to access company information through personal devices, without compromising privacy or protection.

Improve communication

Targeted messages in Windows 11 offer a new communication function that empowers IT to send targeted organisational messages directly to end-users across various surfaces, such as on the desktop, lock screen, or right above the taskbar. This supports organisations in sending onboarding information to new employees or reminders for important training that might otherwise get lost in email and Teams.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager 

Within the next 12-months, Microsoft will introduce a new management functionality in Endpoint Manager that further simplifies how organisations manage and protect their devices.

These include:

  • The ability to respond faster, by providing secure, remote cloud-based help to end users
  • Safer, easier access to company data independent of platform or device types, and app protection for people who have multiple company accounts
  • Greater automation, making permission elevation, certificate management, and patching easier

Windows 365

The world’s first Cloud PC, will benefit from the following future updates:

  • Windows 365 Boot enables users to log directly into their Cloud PC and designate it as the primary Windows experience on their device
  • Windows 365 Switch gives the end user the ability to easily move between Cloud PC and local desktop in the Task Switcher
  • Windows 365 app provides a direct path to Windows 365 from the taskbar
  • Windows 365 Offline will enable work in Windows 365 even when disconnected

Over the last two years, organisations that embrace digital transformation have thrived, and while we can’t always predict what’s coming, Windows is at the forefront of technology and experiences – from cloud and intelligence to devices. Windows 11 and Windows 365 are ready to take you into the next era of hybrid work.

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