VMware Horizon 7 end of support

Support for VMware Horizon 7 is ending, impacting all versions up to and including VMware Horizon 7.12. If your organisation is currently running version 7.12 or under, find out how the update affects you and what you need to do.

Many organisations relying on VMware Horizon 7 that haven’t already upgraded to VMware Horizon 7.13 or the new Horizon 8 are being impacted by the update.

To give you more time to plan your upgrade to Horizon 8, VMware has provided an extension of its general support for VMware Horizon 7 version 7.13 until October 2022 (originally cited to end on 22nd March 2021). To be eligible for the extension, you must have a valid support agreement (SnS or term support) with VMware for this period.

VMware strongly recommends that customers wanting to continue running Horizon 7 beyond March 2021 upgrade to version 7.13.

Key points about VMware’s Horizon 7 support ending

  • VMware is releasing periodic maintenance updates during the general support extension period. Each update will primarily contain critical bug, security fixes, and new Windows 10 support
  • The extended support is available for:
    • Horizon Server
    • Horizon Agent
    • Horizon Client 5.5 (Windows, macOS, Linux)
    • App Volumes 4 version 2009*
    • DEM version 2009
  • You can extend your Horizon 7.13 general support after October 2022 until October 2025 by purchasing an extended support contract (SKU) from VMware
  • If you choose not to purchase an extended support contract, Horizon 7.13 and Horizon Client 5.5 will reach end of technical guidance by March 2023

Upgrade to VMware Horizon 8 now

Avoid service downtime by upgrading your organisation to VMware Horizon 8 before version 7.13 support ends in October 2022. Chat to one of our specialists now to find out more.

Speak to a specialist

More information about the lifecycle of VMware Horizon.

*An App Volumes 4 manager server is capable of managing both App Volumes 4 agents and App Volumes 2.18 agents. Customers can take advantage of this extended support while continuing to use App Volumes 2.18 agents by upgrading their App Volumes Manager servers to App Volumes 4 version 2009.

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