The benefits of Adobe Enterprise licensing for charities and not-for-profit

Find out how to combine greater security with easier licence management and 24/7 support by moving to Adobe Enterprise subscription licensing.

An increasing number of Adobe VIP subscription customers are moving from Teams licensing to Enterprise, allowing them to take advantage of the enhanced features the Adobe Admin Console offers.

While the user experience of the product features stays the same for both Teams and Enterprise, the benefits of moving to Enterprise from an administrator’s point of view make the move valuable.

Enterprise ID allocation

One of the main drivers for IT administrators to move to Enterprise is the ability to set up Federated and Enterprise IDs, allowing them to individually remove, assign, and reassign licences by group or product. This provides greater security, especially when a user leaves the organisation.

Unlimited free support and specialist sessions

Although the product features are the same as Teams, Enterprise gives users 24/7 access to unlimited specialist telephone sessions – a huge step up from Teams, which offers two sessions per user per year.

Users can schedule a 30-minute call to cover specific product features, and via screen share the product expert will take them through complex or new workflows, ensuring that every user maximises their software investment.

Dedicated onboarding help

For organisations with over 50+ licences, onboarding is a simple and seamless experience with dedicated support. This enables your organisation to save time and resources on additional administration efforts.

Greater control over licences for IT admins

Enterprise licensing allows IT admins to individually manage licences. As volunteers and employees come and go, IT admins have the ability to easily reassign the same licence as many times as required, giving your organisation greater control and visibility over your Adobe licences and reducing licensing costs.

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Sarah Willis
Sarah Willis

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