The benefits of multicloud with Dell APEX

Using a multicloud service gives your organisation flexibility, optimised workloads, and budget-friendly costs. However, utilising multicloud can also be a complex process. Dell APEX works to simplify this process to enable your organisation with the time and utilities to run cloud software smoothly and effectively.

What is a multicloud system?

Your organisation will already have a multicloud system if you use cloud services from two or more vendors, including private cloud infrastructure based on-premise or in co-location datacentres. Multicloud gives organisations more power and control over their cloud systems, empowering their IT teams with better performance, reduced costs, and flexibility.

Benefits of multicloud

  • Flexibility: the ability to choose cloud services from any provider, giving you the right pricing and performance requirements for your organisation
  • A reduction in outages and shutdowns: spreading your workloads across separate providers offers resiliency through multiple points of failure
  • Security: using multiple cloud vendors will allow some organisations to meet compliancy regulations

What is Dell APEX?

While multicloud services provide your organisation with flexibility and better performance than traditional infrastructure, often they can be hard to manage. However, Dell APEX enables your organisation with simplified multicloud services to unlock innovation, efficiency, and all the benefits of a multicloud system. It delivers both public cloud and private cloud, giving you the perfect mix of agility and control to match your organisation’s needs.

Dell APEX customers have reported more efficient and effective IT operations.

Image says: 60% faster to deploy new capacity. 39% lower three-year cost of operations. 64% reduction of unplanned outages per year.

Why choose Dell APEX?

Dell APEX empowers your organisation to manage your multicloud effectively. In fact, according to a Forrester New Technology Projected Total Economic Impact Study, commissioned by Dell Technologies, it improves your planning and efficiency by up to 86%, driving the success of business goals and opportunities.

Dell APEX also has flexible payment options, so you can control the cost to your organisation in a way that works for you.

There are three Dell APEX services:

  • APEX Private Cloud: Deliver a transformed, efficient on-premise cloud solution
  • APEX Hybrid Cloud: Drives consistency and productivity across multiple cloud environments
  • APEX Console: A centralised platform for managing your multicloud journey. This gives you cloud cost visibility, optimised capacity, and improved visibility of your environments.

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Joe Marner

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