How to unlock the full potential of enterprise hybrid cloud with Azure Arc

Multicloud vs hybrid cloud: what is the difference?

It seems that more so than ever, new terms are being coined to describe different ways of operating in the data era. And as more organisations transform their digital environment to incorporate new technologies and ways of working, the list seems to grow.

Two of the terms that come up more frequently are multicloud and hybrid cloud. The definitions of these may vary, but both terms describe environments where the workloads are spread across varying physical environments, SaaS services, public cloud providers, co-location facilities or on-premise datacentres, and on-premise locations.

With the latest services and hardware appliances driving a cloud ready future, modernised on-premise environments exist on a blurred line between the traditional and cloud native infrastructure, and are capable of delivering cloud-like agility and flexibility from the privacy of your own datacentre.

Regardless of what terminology you choose to describe your set up, the fact remains that most hybrid or multicloud environments are effectively two or more separate infrastructures that need to be operated independently. They require vastly different skillsets to manage, and that’s why Microsoft is working alongside its on-premise counterparts, such as Dell Technologies, to develop a way to manage modern environments effectively.

What is Azure Arc?

Azure Arc is a service from Microsoft that further erases the lines between both Azure and on-premise infrastructure, as well as other hyperscalers and private cloud providers.

Arc operates as a bridge between your environments, allowing for all access command and control across your workloads and data wherever it resides; edge, core, or cloud.
Some of the benefits of Azure Arc include:

  • Central visibility, operations, and compliance
  • The ability to build cloud native apps anywhere, with manageable scale
  • The potential to run Azure Arc enabled data services anywhere

Maximise Azure Arc’s capabilities with Dell

While hybrid and multicloud enables you to select the optimal location for your data, management of this can become complex with it being spread across multiple locations and disparate management systems. By partnering an Arc driven cloud environment with Arc enabled infrastructure from Dell, it’s easier for your organisation to deploy compute and storage workloads wherever they are needed.

By utilising Arc-enabled Dell infrastructure alongside Microsoft Azure, your organisation will:

  • See the benefits of both Azure cloud and Dell hardware
  • Employ scalable and elastic storage resources built across Dell’s industry leading technologies and flexible cloud resources
  • Simplify your management of elastic mission critical on-premise workloads
  • Unify disparate hybrid environments under one management platform to create a true multicloud infrastructure

Discover how Azure Arc enables your organisation to run both hybrid and multicloud efficiently

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Joe Marner
Joe Marner

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