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Meet our Team Phoenix apprenticeship graduates, Harris Bowman, George Parker, Kieron Stone, and Matt Tinker and discover how their apprenticeships have given them the skills to become the future of IT.

At Phoenix, we’re building our future by giving those hoping to break into the tech industry the opportunity to learn and grow with us as they start their careers in IT. So far, 100% of our current employees who have completed apprenticeships with us have been promoted to other roles within Phoenix.

National Apprenticeship Week 2022 is a celebration of the importance of apprenticeships in future-proofing the IT and tech industries with the knowledge and skills to develop the next generation workforce. We chat to four members of Team Phoenix that started out at Phoenix in apprenticeships to find out how their apprenticeship has supported them to progress into and succeed in the roles they are in now.

What appealed to you about an apprenticeship with Phoenix? 

Kieron Stone: “The variety of work, progression routes, and the supportive training while ‘on the job’.”

Harris Bowman: “For me, it was the range of opportunity the apprenticeship role offered in the long term. I heard what a great company Phoenix is through a family member and was aware of the opportunities for job progression after the apprenticeship.”

Matt Tinker: “The main thing that stuck out for me was the difference in attitude that Phoenix had to other companies. Everyone is really friendly and in my interview, we spoke about what career paths were available and where I could progress to following my apprenticeship.”

What support did you receive during your apprenticeship with Phoenix?

George Parker: “I gained several qualifications from Microsoft and City and Guilds through a full apprenticeship programme. I also got the opportunity to shadow my colleagues at Phoenix who shared their experience and skills with me.”

Harris: “I got a lot of support. The service desk team were welcoming and were always open to letting me shadow projects and challenge myself with new software and hardware. I got plenty of independent study time and there was flexibility around training, plus hands-on experience with multiple systems.”

Matt: “Almost infinite support was available to me throughout my apprenticeship – even help to write my portfolio. The environment was extremely comfortable, and this helped me breeze through any challenging parts.”

How has your career progressed and changed since completing your apprenticeship?

Harris: “I am now an Infrastructure Support Analyst at Phoenix and was promoted to the role within months of finishing the apprenticeship. This just goes to show the trust and development Phoenix puts into its existing staff by promoting internally.”

George: “Since my apprenticeship, I have moved into the role of Adoption and Change Management Specialist, which is a completely different department to my apprenticeship on the service desk. I now advise customers on migration to Microsoft Office 365 and train their end-users on the products they have purchased from Phoenix.”

Kieron: “Following my apprenticeship, I have gained further experience and become not only better at what I do, but also how I communicate. Going through the whole process has opened a new door to me and I’ve recently been promoted to Technical Support Analyst at Phoenix.”

Matt: “Since completing my apprenticeship, I have gained experience in on-premise technical support, cloud support, and currently, IT security as one of Phoenix’s SOC Analysts. Apprenticeships in IT are really versatile in their progression opportunities, so whatever you learn during your apprenticeship can be applied to a variety of different career paths and Phoenix are so supportive in helping you to learn and grow.”

Would you recommend an apprenticeship?

Harris: “Yes, 100 per cent. Apprenticeships give you the opportunity to learn on the job without the pressures of traditional work. I wasn’t expecting to have the rich experience I did. I was encouraged to ask questions and take on tasks apprentices wouldn’t normally do, which increased my confidence and learning.”

George: “Apprenticeships give you a sense of opportunity and motivate you to progress. You work with role models and mentors on a daily basis, which drives enthusiasm and allows you to see where you want to go both in terms of life and career.”

Kieron: “Without a shadow of a doubt. You learn to work while getting paid, which allows you to develop. One of the best things I’ve been told is, ‘If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life’. This is true for me because the skills you develop and the experience you accumulate during an apprenticeship allow you to create your own opportunities, and they are endless. You make your own path and this means I enjoy my job to the fullest.”

Matt: “I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship. Learning on the job is a great way to develop your skills and progress towards your future goals and aspirations. I had very little experience in the industry before starting my apprenticeship with Phoenix, but now I have a job I enjoy massively.”

Careers in IT

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Ben Murden

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