How will technology protect the public sector’s future?

Our Sales Director, Keith Martin discusses current challenges facing public sector organisations and how to overcome them with the right technology to ensure a strong future for the sector.

Often public sector services are taken for granted, and until we’re without them, we don’t fully appreciate how much easier they make our daily lives. The next few years are expected to be a challenge for the public sector, and we need to take action now by implementing innovative, sustainable, and secure IT infrastructure to keep its services up and running effectively.

The future impact of technology on the public sector 

In coming years, reliance on the public sector is due to increase, while investment is likely to shrink. This reality is leading to questions on how front-line services will be impacted, and how they will continue to deliver high-quality services to the UK public.

The use of technology will revolutionise and aid organisations during this challenging time, reducing costs to be used for more important projects. The benefits of technology aren’t just about saving on your licensing, they’re also about digitally transforming your organisation with ease to increase efficiency and employee retention.

How technology is driving innovation for the public sector 

Public sector bodies are delivering world-leading services, some of which were vital to the UK as we attempted to deal with the pandemic. We support public sector organisations to improve processes to help them meet sustainability goals, improve collaboration, and ultimately provide services that benefit everyone.

Utilising modern technologies 

Public sector organisations must work closely with trusted partners to automate, transform, and improve experiences, as the introduction of modern technology has the potential to reduce costs for public sector organisations. In implementing managed services, you will enable your employees with more free time and improve the employee experience.

Utilising modern tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Viva Insights increases productivity and boosts employee wellbeing, ensuring the retention of more employees for the continued success of your organisation.

Cloud adoption for the public sector

We are also seeing an acceleration in the adoption of cloud services, with more public sector bodies looking to move data centres into the cloud to free up space, increase efficiency, and access flexible infrastructure.

Cloud services enable you to securely keep all documents and information in one place, allowing your employees to access important information anytime, anywhere. This is essential for national organisations with front-line workers and hybrid working environments.

Protect the future of your public sector organisation 

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Keith Martin
Keith Martin

Keith started his IT Career as a Marketing Executive for a Microsoft partner before moving to Phoenix Software in 2001, and has spent the last 20 years working with and delivering innovative solutions across the UK public sector. Since 2011, Keith has focused specifically on local and regional government, NHS, Bluelight, and central government, successfully growing the business during some of the most challenging times that the UK public sector has ever faced. He is outcome focused and works closely with customers to help them meet the financial and technological challenges that they face, while improving and enhancing the services they deliver.

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