Using the future to preserve the past

Across the world, libraries and museums work hard to preserve and enrich cultural heritage and keep our history accessible to everyone. Microsoft is working to ensure the future of these community-building institutions with technology.

Like a lot of public sector organisations, libraries and museums are being asked to do more with less. Budget cuts, limited investment, and workforce challenges (such as recruitment, retainment, and development) are a few of the reasons these organisations are facing challenges, especially in our current economic climate. Known for their physical locations and hands-on experiences, libraries and museums have been hit hard.

These organisations need affordable, modern solutions to further their missions, and Microsoft has recognised this with its expansion of its non-profit technology services. This will unlock the cost-effective and innovative benefits these organisations need for the future.

The challenges for libraries and museums

In the cost of living crisis, a lot of organisations have taken a hit, and many do not have access to enough budget to see them through. Many public sector organisations have faced challenges, including budget cuts, low engagement, and a lack of support from volunteers. As a result of this, libraries and museums have had to reduce their services to keep the organisation up and running.

These actions include:

  • Turning down heating
  • Closing certain rooms and services
  • Making employee redundancies
  • Reducing opening hours

These organisations aren’t receiving enough funding from current stakeholders and costs are increasing, resulting in a loss of part of our British heritage and culture.

Research by market research agency, OnePoll found that nine out of ten sites are concerned for their future, with 84% of respondents having to reduce costs to remain open. This shows the severity of the situation for these organisations, further highlighting the need to preserve these sites to protect our history.

Libraries and museums are essential parts of our communities; they provide innovative learning experiences, opportunities for collaboration, and shape the lives of future generations. So, how is Microsoft’s expansion of its technology services to these organisations supporting them to stay open?

How technology will protect the past 

Microsoft is expanding its non-profit technology offers to public libraries and museums, which means that eligible organisations will have access to discounts for essential Microsoft products. This will empower these organisations to do more with their technology, overcoming their current challenges.

By adopting more efficient technology with Microsoft, public sector organisations can unlock significant benefits:

  • Cost reductions
  • Increased efficiency
  • Heightened security and disaster recovery
  • Better use of resources
  • Extended reach to the public

In response to the sector’s challenges, Microsoft’s offering for libraries and museums will support these sites to stay open and manage the learning and development for generations to come.

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