How to prepare for VMware Horizon 7.13.x end of life

General support for VMware’s Horizon version 7.13.x will end on 30th April 2023. From this date, users who continue using version 7.13.x will no longer have access to VMware’s technical support. Find out what your organisation needs to do now to stay secure and optimised.

VMware Horizon ensures your organisation’s move to virtual desktops is efficient and streamlined move to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). However, the nature of these services requires regular maintenance updates to ensure efficiency.

In March 2021, general support for VMware Horizon 7.13 ended and many users upgraded to version 7.13.x to simplify the complexities of migration. This version has continued to receive maintenance updates, security fixes, and support for new features over the past few years, but the end of general support for this version has now been announced as 30th April 2023.

What are your options for VMware Horizon 7.13.x end of life?

With VMware Horizon 7.13.x no longer supported from the end of April this year, VMware recommends a number of alternative solutions to ensure continued optimal performance, technical support, and compatibility with updated systems.

Upgrade to VMware Horizon 8

VMware Horizon version 8 is the newest VDI solution from VMware, featuring numerous improvements, including:

  • Faster performance
  • Larger scale capabilities
  • Improved experiences for administrators and end users

Migration to VMware Horizon 8 requires some essential steps to ensure it is deployed correctly. This order depends on your organisation and which components of Horizon 8 you wish to use in your deployment. To make your choices clearer, arrange a call with us to discuss your options.

Get an extended support contract from VMware

Another option is to purchase an extended support contract from VMware to protect your security while you migrate to a more updated version of Horizon. This contract lasts for 12 months and includes:

  • One annual security patch
  • Access to bug fixes
  • Unlimited support requests

Need support for VMware Horizon 7.13.x end of life? Talk to us now

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