Key information about VMware purchase subscriptions

Discover everything you need to know about VMware purchase subscriptions, including the different purchase subscription types, the benefits, and which one your organisation needs. All within our handy guide.

A simple and flexible subscription model for VMware vSphere+ available to purchase as a new subscription or by upgrading your existing licences to subscription. Find out everything you need to know about VMware purchase subscriptions, including the different subscription types available, the benefits of a VMware subscription, and find out which one is right for your organisation.

VMware purchase subscriptions enable you to purchase software licences for VMware products on a subscription basis, rather than a perpetual licence. A subscription allows you to access and use the software for a predefined period of one or three years and pay an annual or monthly fee for the licence.


Different subscription types available for vSphere+

vSphere+ is available in different editions that provide different capabilities. Speak to our VMware specialists to find the one that’s right for your organisation.

The following subscriptions are also available in addition to vSphere+:

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery (DR) subscription

To protect VMs using VMware Cloud DR from the VMware Cloud Console, choose a VMware Cloud DR subscription.

Benefits of vSphere+ purchase subscriptions

VMware purchase subscriptions allow organisations to access the latest VMware products on a flexible and cost-effective basis, providing many benefits to choosing subscription over perpetual licensing.

  • Get access to the latest version of the software and any updates or upgrades that are released during the subscription period. This enables you to stay up-to-date with the latest VMware features and releases
  • More cost-effective when you don’t need the software indefinitely. Rather than paying a large upfront cost for a perpetual license, you can pay a smaller annual or monthly fee for a subscription license, which can be easier to budget for and manage
  • Offers greater flexibility and scalability. Add or remove licenses as needed to suit your business needs, without having to worry about the costs and complexities of managing perpetual licenses


How to determine your organisation’s VMware subscription capacity 

vSphere+ subscription capacity is identified using the total number of physical CPU cores across all CPUs on the ESXi hosts linked to the vCenter Server instances you plan to subscribe to vSphere+.

You must purchase a minimum capacity of 16 cores per CPU.

To determine the subscription capacity, you need to multiply the number of cores required per CPU by the number of CPUs per ESXi host and the number of ESXi hosts: subscription capacity = number of cores required per CPU × number of CPUs per ESXi host × number of ESXi hosts.

If your usage exceeds the number of cores you have purchased, you will incur additional charges as per the overage pricing you selected at the time of purchase.

Speak to our specialists to find out how many core licences your organisation requires to subscribe its existing deployments to vSphere+.

Purchasing your subscription

Get in touch with our VMware specialist, Phil Holmes to discuss your organisation’s needs and find a subscription that suits your vSphere environment.

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