Market Insights: the role technology plays in balancing the CSR books with Joseph Langford, VMware

Explore the importance of effectively managing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the workplace using modern tech.


What is the role technology plays in supporting ESG goals in modern workplaces?

In workplace environments, tech is being used to solve inefficiencies, support employees who need additional assistance, and monitor practises to ensure correct usage. For this reason, technology is intrinsic to successfully meeting your ESG goals.


Can you give an example of how technology is being used to support CSR goals?

Technology supports CSR goals in several ways, the most common example being the internal management of sustainability practises. Sustainability is an intrinsic part of CSR as organisations have a key role in protecting our planet, and technology is a huge part of meeting necessary goals. From looking at ambient temperature, precisely controlling energy usage, and remote management of lighting, organisations are able to prevent unnecessary energy use with tech.


How can technology help companies foster a culture of social responsibility among employees?

Technology’s biggest role is enabling communication. One of the most important things that companies should harness is the ability to create easily accessible communities that may not necessarily be in the same physical location. This use of tech fosters a friendly, healthy working environment that is inclusive to everyone, including those with additional needs.


How has technology changed the way companies approach CSR, and what are the implications for the future of work?

Due to the development of tech, there has been a shift in how transparent companies are about their processes, communications, and regulation. Organisations not only have a moral dedication to CSR, but a need to express the values, environment, and feel of the workplace. With this development, working environments are improving across the globe.


How should companies use technology to measure the impact of their CSR efforts on the workforce?

There are many ways to identify and measure the impact of new efforts, some objective and some subjective. With changes, it’s important to document the process from many points of view to understand the implications of the change and if there will be any challenges. Verbal feedback from employees and customers and solid data are the two key methods of judging the success of your CSR efforts.


How can technology help companies create more sustainable and socially responsible business practices?

By regularly reviewing practices, maintaining a healthy environment of hardware and services, and applying technological innovations to reduce physical elements of a business process, organisations improve business practises. Using tools to enable flexible working, collaboration, and communication, employee retention and satisfaction will improve, driving better success.

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