Market Insights: how modern tech solutions are supporting sustainability missions

Investing in intuitive tech solutions has several benefits, including improving processes to be more environmentally friendly. Explore these solutions with VMware’s Head of Strategy, Joseph Langford.

How is VMware supporting businesses in achieving their sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals?

VMware is dedicated to achieving sustainability goals, one of our main focuses being on our hardware usage. By streamlining our use of hardware, we have avoided significant CO2 emissions. The evolution of software has enabled us to aid organisations run efficient technology services from data centres or the cloud, giving our customers the ability to implement these solutions into their processes, integrating sustainable practises into every environment.

Can you provide some examples of how VMware’s technology solutions have helped organisations reach their ESG goals?

VMware’s unique knowledge of how systems operate, how they are affected, and what factors are affecting them enables us to offer real-time solutions to reduce cost, energy consumption, and inefficiencies. We are currently trialling the use of machine learning to shift workloads based on data to ensure the lowest carbon footprint for the workload. The aim of this process is to transfer the workload to the most efficient part of the environment, reducing emissions by decreasing energy usage and ensuring little energy waste.

How can companies design their IT operations and investments with sustainability in mind?

Sustainability is a huge concern for many organisations, as it needs to be considered a foundation of all businesses. With this, IT assets must become more proactive, enabling organisations to focus on other areas of their sustainability mission.

Considering renewable energy for data centres, maintaining a healthy hardware estate, and by utilising tools such as VMware Aria, it is possible to keep your impact to a minimum. Looking to reduce the operating size of existing services by utilising environments like public and hybrid clouds often reduces the impact further.

What are some potential challenges or limitations associated with designing IT operations for sustainability?

The difficulty for IT leaders and their team around sustainability is that demand will grow. In the coming years, AI and machine learning is due to prompt rapid change within many industries, increasing the number of organisations that will fall away from their sustainability mission. However, recognising that this increase may offset other department of energy consumption or environmental impact is a positive for many organisations, as it’s necessary to keep up to date with sustainability practises.

In what ways can technology solutions help companies reduce their reliance on non-renewable resources?

Technology has a lot of insights needed to help an organisation understand its impact environmentally, with dashboards that offer depth of detail as to how and what is consuming energy. Tech solutions enable organisations to monitor, manage, and change environments and assets accordingly, giving them full control of their sustainability practises. This visibility enables organisations to monitor what non-renewable resources they use, helping them move away from them when needed.

How can companies work with technology providers like VMware to develop and implement sustainable IT strategies?

The specialists at VMware are in a secure position to provide organisations with deep knowledge of their current sustainability standpoint and the moves they should make to improve their environmental goals. By removing unnecessary workloads and processes, your organisation will reduce unneeded energy consumption and deploy tools to increase productivity and efficiency.

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