Team Phoenix Talks: Rachel Pickering

Our Operations Co-ordinator, Rachel Pickering discusses her journey into the tech industry, her success within our Operations Team, and why the Phoenix culture stands out.

How did you get into the industry?

My first role in the tech industry was at Phoenix. I joined as a receptionist and didn’t look back. It wasn’t a conscious decision to join the industry, but the path it put me on has been amazing and I’m glad it’s led me to where I am now.

Tell us about your career history and what led you to Phoenix

Having joined Phoenix in 1995 looking for something new and exciting, I initially started on reception with the knowledge that I could progress into other areas to further my career. After just three months on reception, I moved to the Operations Team, and the rest is history!

What’s your experience of working at Phoenix so far?

Having been at Phoenix for nearly 28 years, I have experienced many of the changes we have gone through, and it has been amazing to witness the journey first-hand. It is lovely to reminisce about the early days of Phoenix, while also continuing to be proud of where we are today and how we keep learning and growing.

Tell us a little bit about your role

I work in the Operations Team, covering many tasks. From maintaining inboxes, handling sales queries, managing frameworks, and reporting, my role is very varied. I mainly work on the Microsoft side of the team, specialising in the MPSA, Select Plus, OVS-ES, and EES side of things.

How would you describe the culture at Phoenix?

Phoenix is a welcoming and inclusive environment, having so much to offer. We have regular events and incentives to engage #TeamPhoenix in many ways, which is why we work so well together as a company and within our respective teams, it really is like a family!

Why do you think Phoenix has been recertified as a Great Place to Work™? 

All of our staff, including management and directors, always have their doors open to anyone. The care shown around the company is fantastic, with all of the amazing internal networks, including charities, wellbeing, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion. My involvement in the charities network is so fulfilling, with each network getting involved in many activities, offering something for everyone and allowing those who want to take part to do so. We also have an opportunity to use a wellbeing hour each month to focus on ourselves which is another reason why Phoenix is a Great Place to Work™.

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