Revolutionising education with Adobe Express

Adobe Express is part of the suite of apps included in Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s a design platform built to give students and teachers the ability to create graphics, photos, and videos with ease. Explore the benefits of Adobe Express and how it revolutionises further and higher education.

Adobe Express is transforming education. Teachers of even traditionally non-creative subjects are beginning to utilise the platform for their lessons. While they may not involve graphic design or video production, fostering creativity among students in these fields can lead to deeper engagement, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.


Explore the benefits of Adobe Express

Adobe Express offers a wide range of creative tools that can be seamlessly integrated into various educational contexts. Here’s how it benefits students:

Infographics for data visualisation: Adobe Express’s tools enable students to visually represent complex data, making it easier for students of data-driven subjects to grasp and analyse the topic.

Digital storytelling: Adobe Express allows students to create interactive narratives, combining text, images, and multimedia elements. This fosters creativity and improves communication skills.

Collaborative projects: teamwork and collaboration are essential skills for the modern workforce. Adobe Express’s cloud-based features facilitate collaborative projects across subjects. Students can work together on presentations, reports, and creative assignments, mirroring real-world collaborative environments.

Portfolio building: for many students in higher or further education, building a digital portfolio is critical. Adobe Express provides the tools needed to create and showcase portfolios, helping students stand out in their respective industries.


In 2022, Adobe Express reached over 43 million students and teachers globally, naming it one of the leading creative tools for further and higher education. Creative software is not only a good tool for those in creative subjects, but is also known for improving the problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities of students in non-creative based topics. Click here to discover more about Adobe’s offerings within education.


What does Adobe Express do?

1. All-in-one video editing: effortlessly blend video clips, artwork, animations, and music together using intuitive drag-and-drop features
2. Animate with audio: experience the magic of characters coming to life as they synchronise their lip movements and gestures with recorded dialogue
3. Seamless integration: enhance your creative assets by directly editing files from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator within Adobe Express
4. PDF import and enhancement: elevate your PDF flyers and brochures by easily importing and enhancing them
5. Real-time collaboration: boost productivity with real-time sharing and collaborative commenting, enabling faster and more efficient project creation
6. Create graphical content: Adobe Express enables you to create graphics such as posters, flyers, social media posts, and logos

Adobe Firefly: where Adobe Express and AI meet

Adobe Firefly is the all-new solution encompassing the features of Adobe Express and the transformative abilities of artificial intelligence. It has several use cases, from Generative Fill to Text to Template, all of which have the ability to reshape the way employees, teachers, and students work.

Adobe Firefly can be used as a means to start the creative process. It generates ideas in a simple click, preventing creative block and delivering valuable creative tools. We know that tools like Adobe Express and Adobe Firefly are proven to improve critical thinking and problem solving abilities within students, as well as encourage collaboration using Adobe Express. This is why Adobe Firefly is a game-changer when it comes to education. It boosts student development, creativity, collaboration, and productivity, paving a way to a more positive outlook on learning, where students utilise their creativity in every subject.

Adobe Firefly’s capabilities include:

Text to Template

Generative Fill

Text Effects



Adobe Express is not just a tool for graphic designers and video editors; it is a versatile platform that can breathe new life into learning across all subjects. By fostering creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration, Adobe Express gives students the skills they need to succeed.


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