Revolutionising physical security in the UK housing sector

Explore how Phoenix and Verkada support the housing sector in improving their physical security with a hybrid-cloud approach focusing on ease of use, unrivalled visibility, and features to support peace of mind.

Verkada is the largest cloud-based physical security platform company in the world, offering six product lines: video security cameras, access control, environmental sensors, alarms, workplace, and intercoms, all of which being integrated with a single cloud-based software platform. The Verkada physical security products have been designed with simplicity and scalability in mind.

Verkada’s technology solutions are smooth, sophisticated, and seriously effective. Their products are not just about deterring would-be intruders; they’re about creating a connected, safe, and smart living and working environment.

CCTV: more than just cameras 

Verkada’s CCTV systems are fully comprehensive, used in the housing sector to watch over common areas, parking areas, and perimeters 24/ 7. These aren’t your average cameras; they come equipped with advanced features like person and vehicle analytics, powerful enterprise video search, and integration engine and real-time alerts, making them an essential ally in ensuring resident safety.

‘’One of the most exciting things about Verkada is that you don’t need to be a CCTV technician or an expert to use the system. You have the camera itself, and you have the PoE cable giving it power and internet connection—that’s all you need to worry about.’’  – Clwyd Alyn Housing Association

Access control: the key to smarter living 

Access control in housing isn’t just about locking doors; it’s about managing who comes and goes. Verkada’s systems offer residents the convenience of keyless entry while ensuring that only authorised individuals can access the premises. This form of security prioritises ease while not compromising on safety, becoming the best of both worlds.

“We have a large footprint and variety of buildings to secure, so integrating cameras with access control is beneficial for us. Being able to combine all our physical security needs onto one platform was a key driver in our decision to go with Verkada.” – Clwyd Alyn Housing Association

Environmental sensors: the unsung heroes 

Environmental factors are often overlooked when researching physical security. Verkada’s environmental sensors monitor air quality, temperature, and humidity, to ensure that all areas are safe from unexpected risks. These sensors ensure that the living environment is not just safe from external threats, but also from internal hazards.

‘’We can use sensors to know if anyone is struggling with fuel poverty by monitoring temperature and detect unusual movement in certain care homes. We want to make use of Verkada’s technology to help deliver the best experience we can to our communities.” – Clwyd Alyn Housing Association

Cloud-based management: security at your fingertips

What sets Verkada apart is its cloud-based management system. This platform allows housing managers to monitor and manage all aspects of security from a single, user-friendly dashboard. Whether it’s checking camera feeds or managing access permissions, it’s all doable with a few clicks.

“Our experience with legacy on-premises solutions is that they are very clunky and slow, so we were really looking for something with an intuitive user interface that we could access remotely, without needing to travel long distances to different sites.” – Clwyd Alyn Housing Association

How Verkada helps the UK housing sector 

  • Enhanced security: with Verkada, residential buildings become fully secured against unauthorised access and potential threats
  • Ease of management: housing managers can breathe easy with intuitive, centralised control over security systems
  • Resident peace of mind: knowing their home is safeguarded with state-of-the-art technology, residents feel secure
  • Future proofing: as technology evolves, Verkada’s scalable solutions ensure that UK housing stays ahead of the curve

Hear what Jonathon Thompson, Channel Sales Manager at Verkada, has to say about the partnership between Phoenix and Verkada.

“Both Verkada and Phoenix are proven market leaders in transforming and empowering organisations, and this strategic partnership will see us work in unison to alleviate the customer challenges caused by on-premise physical security infrastructures. Verkada’s hybrid cloud market approach will allow IT, Facilities, and Operations Teams to operate on one integrated platform seamlessly. We look forward to the great success in the years to come as we expand the partnership.”

Frequently asked questions 

Q: What is physical security?

A: Physical security refers to measures put in place to protect people, assets, and resources from unauthorised access, theft, vandalism, or harm. It encompasses a range of strategies, technologies, and procedures designed to safeguard physical spaces, such as buildings, facilities, and infrastructure. The goal of physical security is to create a secure environment that deters potential threats and ensures the safety and protection of individuals and valuable assets.

Q: What are some physical security examples?

A: Verkada offers innovative solutions that integrate cutting-edge technology with seamless functionality to address modern security challenges. Some examples of Verkada’s physical security solutions include CCTV, access control systems, environmental sensors, cloud-based architecture, and more.

A secure future with Verkada

Housing developments equipped with Verkada are not just residences; they’re smart, safe communities where every member can feel a sense of security and belonging. To find out more about Verkada’s solutions, book a call with Arron, our Verkada Business Development Manager.

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Arron Woods
Arron Woods

Arron joined Phoenix at the start of 2024 as the Verkada Business Development Manager, focusing on physical security after taking a short break from the IT industry to work for the emergency services. Arron has worked within the IT industry for seven years, prior to returning to Phoenix. Arron has held several roles within the IT industry, from cyber security to GRC.

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