End of sale for Acrobat 2020 in TLP and CLP: what does it mean for my organisation?

From 15 July 2024, Adobe will no longer be selling Acrobat Standard 2020 and Acrobat Pro 2020 licences in the Transactional Licence Programme (TLP) and Cumulative Licensing Programme (CLP) buying programmes. However, subscription versions of Acrobat will remain available through the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP), VIP Marketplace, Large Government Agencies (LGA), and Enterprise Term Licence Agreement (ETLA) Buying Programmes.

The final date for ordering Acrobat perpetual licence products in TLP and CLP will be 15 July 2024. Additionally, it’s important to note that support for Acrobat 2020 will end in June 2025.

Who will be affected?

Customers seeking to purchase perpetual versions of Acrobat will be impacted by this end-of-sale date. Customers who complete their purchase of Acrobat perpetual software before the end-of-sale date will retain access to their existing software according to their agreement terms.

Will there be a new version of Acrobat perpetual?

There won’t be a new version of Acrobat perpetual after Acrobat 2020. However, customers seeking a desktop-only, non-subscription version of Acrobat will have the option to acquire a term licence called Acrobat Classic, beginning 15 July 2024.

Acrobat Classic is a term licence for desktop software that offers up to three years of access to Acrobat software through a one-time, non-recurring purchase. Please note that Acrobat Classic does not include ongoing product feature enhancements or access to premium Adobe Document Cloud services via web browser or mobile devices.

What’s the best option for purchasing Acrobat?

Subscription plans provide the most comprehensive solution for utilising Acrobat’s features. By transitioning to an Acrobat Pro subscription, perpetual users can access the complete suite of PDF document tools across all devices, along with regular product updates. Contact your Adobe representative or authorised reseller, like Phoenix, to explore your options for Acrobat software.

Why migrate to Acrobat subscription options in VIP/VIP Marketplace?

Acrobat Pro and Acrobat Standard are available as subscription licences in VIP/VIP Marketplace. Opting for Acrobat Pro or Acrobat Standard subscriptions enables you to leverage Adobe’s significant investments in Acrobat services, including AI Assistant (beta), mobile capabilities, Microsoft integrations, and enhanced collaboration features.

For support and to discover the best options for your organisation, speak to one of our Adobe specialists today by choosing a time and date that suits you!

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Jennifer Wilson

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