Great Place To Work 2024: We’re recertified!

For the third year running, #TeamPhoenix has taken part in Great Place To Work’s™ Trust Index survey, and our high-achieving results have led to us being recertified.

93% of our employees believe that Phoenix is a great place to work, compared to 54% at a typical UK based company.Graphic of stat showing that 93% of employees at Phoenix believe it's a great place to work, compared to 54% at a typical UK-based company.Great Place to Work™ is internationally recognised as the primary authority on workplace culture. Utilising employee surveys, it identifies organisations excelling in their treatment of employees and facilitates enhancements where necessary. Being part of their Best Workplaces™ lists validates the efficacy and intent behind fundamental values.

When #TeamPhoenix is asked about their workplace and its values, we often hear phrases like, “family-feel”, “it’s different, but in the best way possible”, and “I would recommend Phoenix to anyone”. We work hard to ensure that our employees are fulfilled at work, because we believe that happy employees mean happy customers – reflected in our value work hard but have fun doing it.

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Our culture isn’t just about supporting employees with work, our ethos surrounds employee wellbeing, personal success, equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), and women in tech. By not only listening to feedback but actioning, we ensure everyone feels looked after, psychologically safe, appreciated, and heard.


Emma Taylor, Culture and Organisational Development Manager, comments on this recertification, “Maintaining our workplace culture is incredibly important to us. This recertification demonstrates our success in this area and enables us to keep working hard to see these numbers go up. I feel incredibly proud to work for a company that supports its employees in this way. Go #TeamPhoenix!”

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Kelsey Smith
Kelsey Smith

Kelsey is a Content and Social Media Apprentice at Phoenix, working closely with the Marketing Team to develop her skills in web, email, and social media marketing. Kelsey is not only keen to learn about marketing, but also the challenges organisations face and how Phoenix supports them to overcome these.

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