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Discover how Adobe Sign has enabled us to streamline processes, meet our environmental goals, and drive efficiency.

Signing important documents used to be a long-winded, timely process for us and our customers. Having to print off, manually sign, scan back onto a computer, then send the document back on email was inefficient and resulted in slower processes and reduced productivity.

Adobe Sign is an e-signature service that allows users to send, sign, and track their signature process. With Adobe Sign, it’s easy to sign a document on your computer in just a few clicks, reducing the amount of back-and-forth between users.
By implementing Adobe Sign across our organisation, we’ve increased productivity and sped up processes, giving our employees, partners, and customers valuable time back to work on tasks that are more beneficial to our overall business goals.

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Since using Adobe Sign, we’ve definitely seen an increase in the speed of documents coming back faster. It’s a much more efficient way for customers to look at documents and sign rather than the old laborious way
Rebecca PowellProject Manager at Phoenix

How we unlocked innovation with Adobe Sign

Adobe has been our trusted and reliable partner for over 20 years. We first utilised Adobe Sign at the beginning of 2020 to support us in reaching our sustainability goals and transform the way we work.

Our results from using Adobe Sign

Time and resource savings: we’ve reduced the time we spend signing individual documents, freeing up time to work on more important projects

Reduced paper wastage: by using a digital signing tool, we’ve reduced the amount of paper we use. This is much better for the environment, and is helping us to get closer to reaching our sustainability goals

More secure data storage: Adobe Sign allows us to store our documents and confidential information digitally, making it much more secure that traditional offline document storing

Increased visibility and control: being able to see the progress of documents we’ve sent both within the company and to external customers allows us to effectively manage the document signing process, ensuring that all relevant parties have sight of the document and that we are sticking to deadlines

For us, it was the best implementation we’ve had of a third-party application into the business.
Clare MetcalfeOperations Director at Phoenix.

How we unlocked innovation with Adobe Sign

Thanks to the sustainability benefits of Adobe Sign, we have increased efficiency and stuck to the carbon neutral goal we’ve held since 2021. Having everything in one place means less waste and energy usage, further helping to protect our environment.

Adobe Sign enables us to:

Reduce our environmental impact: Adobe Sign creates 95% less environmental impact than paper workflows

Reduce emissions: every one million transactions through Adobe Sign equates to the same reduction in emissions of over 2,300 cars in a year

Reduce our non-renewable energy usage: Adobe has 70% renewable electricity online

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Adobe Sign helps Phoenix achieve its sustainability goals in a number of different ways. We can reduce our waste, our paper, our postage, all of which has a carbon footprint attached to it.
Jennifer ClewleyCustomer Success Sustainability Lead at Phoenix.

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