Aldenham School

Aldenham School have transformed student, teacher, and parent experiences by implementing the Microsoft Surface product suite.

Aldenham School recognised that without modernising and introducing new technologies, schools risk getting left behind, leading to students who aren’t prepared for today’s technology-driven world.

Aldenham School is a nationally recognised school, offering students between the ages of 3-18 a variety of day or boarding opportunities. With just over 700 students, the school looked to streamline and strengthen their approach to teaching and learning by introducing technology designed to help students connect with their teachers and fellow pupils with ease.

The teachers and staff at Aldenham recognised that the world is changing rapidly, and teaching methods that worked for previous generations may not be as effective today. Understanding the importance of researching and implementing technology is the first step in giving students valuable learning opportunities, which is why the school decided to partner with Phoenix.

“I think it’s had a dramatic impact on the day-to-day lives and the learning, which is ultimately what we’re here for.”

Charlie Cochrane, Head of Technology | Aldenham School

“It just goes to show that we are doing the right thing with supporting schools in the right way.”

Jake Griffin, Sales Manager for Education | Phoenix Software

By implementing a range of Microsoft Surface devices, the school was able to transform interactions between students, teachers, and parents, enable teachers to move from classroom to classroom with ease, and utilise the technology to send work and resources to students in just a few clicks.

This partnership between Aldenham School and Phoenix is the school’s first step to teaching for the future, empowering students with a breadth of opportunities.

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