South Gloucestershire Council

South Gloucestershire covers an area of 53,664.7 hectares, with a population of 282,600. 87% of the population live in urban areas, largely in the built up areas immediately adjoining Bristol and the towns of Yate and Thornbury. The remaining 13% live in the more rural areas of South Gloucestershire.

South Gloucestershire Council was moving towards a cloud-based strategy and wanted help and advice about how easy it would be for them to make that move.

As a starting point, Phoenix recommended a Software Asset Management (SAM) engagement. This SAM engagement provides a foundation that can help organisations to budget accordingly and has the potential to provide work streams that can be used to help benefit the organisation moving forwards.

Mark Zdanowizc, Engagement Manager at Microsoft had the following to say about the importance of this phase of the project, “One of the risks, is that if you do not understand your starting position, you’re not building your IT strategy on a solid foundation. This might cause problems further down the line, which might be complexity or additional cost involved.”

Working collaboratively with both Microsoft and Phoenix has meant that South Gloucestershire Council has real faith that both parties understand their IT strategy and the outcomes that are demanded from such an initiative. In conclusion, Steve Lewis, Head of ICT at South Gloucestershire Council, added, “It’s about meeting our resident’s expectations of having a 24/7 online account where they can interact with the Council at a time that suits them. But also, it means that our staff are engaged more efficiently, able to use more of our systems to collaborate more effectively.”