St Helens Borough Council

St Helens Borough Council has embraced modern technology to drive collaborative working, increase productivity, and improve employee and resident experiences. Find out how.

Phoenix has worked with St Helens Borough Council for years, and when the council began to understand the benefits of utilising modern technology, we worked alongside it to implement the assets it needed. It created a detailed ‘Ways of Working’ programme to highlight the areas it needed to focus on to improve processes and inclusivity.


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St Helens have embarked on a transformation programme which has modernised their infrastructure, their end user devices, and the data platforms they use. It's resulted in excellent staff and citizen engagement, and I think a lot of councils can learn from St Helens because these done it with such conviction.
Craig TaylorDirector of Cloud Solutions at Phoenix

This programme had four projects:

Reimagining HR policies: enabling every employee at St Helens to work the way that works for them

Remodelling accommodation: reworking systems and processes to enable more collaborative working

IT and digital: increasing the benefits technology unlocks

Cultural transformation: bringing about change across the board

We have supported this journey, ensuring the modernisation of St Helens Borough Council’s infrastructure, devices, and data platforms. With an alignment of Microsoft Power BI and SQL, it’s processes are now easier and more effective, directly benefitting its employees and residents.

Following the improvement to its processes, we provided the council with a simple rollout of Microsoft Surface devices, Azure cloud infrastructure, and Microsoft 365 in contingency with the need for modern technology. Since its implementation, these products have driven cost savings, improved sustainability practices, and increased collaboration – even during the pandemic.

"That relationship between St Helens, Microsoft, and Phoenix has been critical to drive the success of the project." Craig Taylor, Director of Cloud Solutions at Phoenix

"It enables me to be able to deliver the service to those people." Karen Sweeney, Senior Homeslessness Prevention and Intervention Officer at St Helens Borough Council

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