Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council

Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council worked with us to modernise its IT infrastructure and digital strategy by migrating to the cloud.

Local authority, Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council needed to transform its IT infrastructure to make its services more accessible for its workforce and service users.

By moving its legacy infrastructure to Microsoft Azure, Tonbridge and Malling can utilise exactly what it needs, when it needs it and has put itself at the forefront of the modern digital landscape. Enabling the migration of its data centre into the cloud has strengthened the council’s resiliency and its ability to communicate effectively and consistently with its residents, and has improved its overall sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

“The majority of our communities are already engaging digitally. Adding local council services to that list is really just a natural extension.” Sharon Shelton, Director of Finance and Transformation, Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council

We had a virtual machine assessment, so Phoenix checked our entire estate. Once they had done that, we basically created the test environment in Azure, so nothing was done on a whim. Everything was done in a very methodical, very planned way to make sure that the migration was a success.
Rob Abraham, Technical ArchitectTonbridge and Malling Borough Council

“For us, it was about looking at how we’re delivering and re-engineering in a more digital environment. We pushed a lot of our resources to be able to be contacted by the telephone and also our web chat service, so that we could try to meet that demand in a different way.” Laura Mason, Interim Gateway and Customer Services Manager, Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council

“It can be a game changer, really, because it opens up new resources and opportunities.” Rob Abraham, Technical Architect, Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council

The council underwent Microsoft’s Business Value Assessment, which highlighted the financial and sustainability benefits of deploying Azure. Through the assessment, Tonbridge and Malling discovered that the environmental impact of moving its data centre into the cloud would mean that it could reduce the carbon footprint of the organisation by 75% – a­ key result for the council, which like many other public sector organisations, is dedicated to supporting UK public sector sustainability.

“The Microsoft Business Value Assessment has been absolutely invaluable. It sort of takes that myth away and gives you the reality. I’m coming to you from a point of benefit realisation and saying that we were able to produce a saving from year one.” Ganesh Thangarajah, Head of IT, Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council

The move enabled Tonbridge and Malling’s service users to view their council tax bills, complete benefit applications, communicate with the council, and resolve queries at their convenience via an online portal. This transformation took only 14-months from inception to results and has fully prepared the council for the future. The organisation is now highly agile and can respond effectively to its citizens’ needs, opening up opportunities for further innovation to provide a more intuitive service.

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