University of Stirling

To become more sustainable and support its students’ evolving learning requirements, the University of Stirling has transformed into a digital campus that offers international opportunities and widens equal access to education.

When the University of Stirling started working with Phoenix in 2019, we built out a five-year digital transformation roadmap to support the university in modernising its data centres and transitioning from a traditional on-premise model to a much more flexible and agile approach, ready for the future.

The university recognised that its traditional data centres were no longer the best economic or environmental solutions, and with our support, took the decision to migrate its systems to Microsoft Azure.

“Trying to make that right decision based on what the University of Stirling needs was key, and I think Phoenix helped us deal with that and make those decisions much quicker.” James Blair, Director of Development and Operations, University of Stirling

As a renowned research organisation, known for its quality of teaching and learning, the University of Stirling wanted to do something completely different to any other organisation. It needed to be able to adapt and move as quickly as technology can to enhance its students’ access to education.

“It’s not just about how students learn, it’s about the world experience that were trying to give them – that the technology is enabling. That cultural interaction that gives them an understanding of what it might be like to engage or work in different locations around the world.” Dr. David Telford, Executive Director of Information Services, University of Stirling

Phoenix are very knowledgeable. Their in-house knowledge is very, very good. When we have asked questions that they are not able to cover, they've been very good at bringing in partners who have that expertise.”
James Blair, Director of Development and OperationsUniversity of Stirling

The deployment of Azure and Microsoft Teams unlocked the opportunity to understand how a digital campus would support the university’s students to have greater education experiences beyond how they would traditionally learn. This digital transformation has empowered the university with the opportunity to become truly international.

Microsoft is engaging in the academic research sector to enable research organisations to achieve more, and Teams has opened access to education at the University of Stirling, resulting in more opportunities for equal education. Students at the university can now engage with different communities, both locally and internationally, to grow their skills and understanding in a way that prepares them for the workplace and their futures.

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