Vale of Glamorgan

Vale of Glamorgan Council embraces Microsoft 365 to enable a digitised workforce, enhance productivity and empower users with accessibility needs.

As the top performing council in Wales, Vale of Glamorgan Council had a stark choice to make – cut services in order to save money or transform their organisation. With the help of Phoenix, they decided to do the latter by embracing Microsoft 365.

Working with the Vale of Glamorgan Council we have helped to deliver on their vision and business objectives as follows:

  • Enable a digitalised workforce using Teams, data and AI
  • Enhance productivity using Office 365 and Surface devices
  • Empower remote and office-based users with real-time data access
  • Provide better working environment for staff with accessibility needs
  • Cost savings on external translation services between Welsh and English language
  • Commitment to train and support with change management as the council continue their digital strategy
“We’ve been really impressed with the way that Phoenix have helped us to show what the power of Microsoft 365 can offer to us as an organisation. The willingness to come in and work with us as individual members of staff, running different sessions so people can see the real value in terms of how this technology can actually work on the ground and having that sort of open relationship with an organisation that are here to support, to encourage and to show us what the art of the possible really is.”
Tom Bowring, Operational Manager Policy & PerformanceVale of Glamorgan Council

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