Data availability is vital for today’s schools, colleges and universities. More than ever, they must provide compelling educational experiences that are in-keeping with modern user experiences. Students and teachers expect to access tools, resources and support digitally — anytime, anyplace.

While schools, colleges and universities have all the data they need, without the ability to manage and access it, they can’t deliver on these expectations. Furthermore, without robust cyber security and backup protocols in place, student and teacher data is at risk of being lost or stolen. Data availability is critical. It ensures data is accessible to all parties, so that they can learn and teach no matter where they are. Furthermore, in the event of an outage, it allows data to be quickly and reliably recovered. Ensuring data availability is no mean feat and it’s especially important considering the escalating risks of cyber crime. Educational organisations hold more data than ever before. As they break down the walls of silos, they must also ensure they have robust defences. This includes putting rigorous testing processes in place to ensure vulnerabilities are eliminated and systems continue to stay secure.