Why choose our Focus Service?

We created our Focus Service to deliver value quickly and free up your in-house IT and Software Asset Management (SAM) teams to work on proactive cost-saving exercises, implement and manage proactive processes, and concentrate on other important business activities.

Over the years, not only have we built up invaluable SAM experience with organisations across all sectors, but also a hugely skilled and personable professional services team. They’re always up to date with the latest licensing rules – meaning you don’t have to be! That’s why we consider our team to be your trusted advisors and a natural extension of your IT and SAM team.

Focus Service
With more than 25 years’ experience of helping customers manage their software licences, we are perfectly placed to give you a clearer view of your software estate:

  • Experienced – we have completed more than 1,000 SAM projects throughout Europe for organisations of all sizes, from 50 to 120,000 desktops
  • Market-leading – all services based on the industry-leading licence management software from License Dashboard
  • Confidential – Focus is a confidential service carried out for private clients
  • Knowledgeable – in-depth knowledge of the licensing schemes affecting key market sectors – Corporate, Public Sector, HE and FE, Charities and Housing Associations
  • Enterprise platform and data centre control – we can help take the pain out of understanding and managing your enterprise environment and the associated licensing requirements – enabling you to take control of your data centre
  • Accredited – we hold top SAM accreditations for major vendors such as Microsoft and Adobe. Our team of 25 SAM experts is highly-trained and individually accredited
  • Industry Standard – all professional services aligned to ISO/IEC 19770-1
  • Build a natural extension of your SAM and IT team
  • Maximise resource efficiency
  • Minimise implementation, maintenance and staff training costs
  • Reduce time to achieve benefits
  • Enjoy scheduled and predictable payment terms to aid budgeting
  • Prevent over-deployment of software
  • Drive licence agreement negotiations
  • Minimise software over-spend
  • Reduce risk of non-compliance
  • A quarterly or monthly management report detailing your compliance position, areas of over and under-spend and actions for consideration
  • A regular call with your Account Manager to discuss your report and talk through any recommended actions
  • Access to extensive licensing knowledge through our experienced team
  • 100s of online reports which can be shared with your chosen stakeholders – you’ll find everything from your licence records to your Effective Licence Position

Three Levels to Focus

Our Focus Service is made up of three levels – all of which take on the heavy duty ‘number crunching’ and produce results quickly.  Each level can cover individually-specified vendors, or we can manage the entirety of your estate for you.

We also appreciate that not all of our customers require a Managed Service platform like our Focus Service.  To this end, we are able to offer an on-premise option and our team will help you thoroughly assess your needs to ensure this is the correct approach for your organisation.

Level 1: Awareness

The first step to a successful SAM programme is establishing what is installed across your estate, so you can start to understand you current licence position. To provide this visibility, our Software Licensing Specialists will consolidate your software usage and reconcile it against your licence entitlement to deliver a one-off, snapshot review of your organisation’s Effective Licence Position (ELP).

Level 2: Control

This service level includes everything in Level 1, plus the delivery of a reoccurring management report and access to hundreds of online reports via our highly-effective secure web portal. We will also provide optimisation consultancy where our Software Licensing Specialists help you apply best-fit licence entitlements, highlighting opportunities to re-harvest licences and arm your organisation with the information it needs when renegotiating its software agreements.

Level 3: Managed

For those organisations looking to outsource the entire management of their software licence responsibilities, Focus Service Level 3 offers a comprehensive managed service.  It includes a regular detailed management report, access to a dedicated SAM Advisor and assistance with setting up policies to establish organisation-wide processes. All of this ensures your organisation never buys any unnecessary software licensing again.

What you can expect from Level 3

A Five Star Service

Our Managed Service platform is built around quality of service and value of information.

One of the main reasons for choosing to outsource your Licence Management function is to reduce the time commitments, pressure and stress of running an in-house programme – we make it a priority, therefore, to deliver a smooth and effective service.

A Partnership

You’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will be with you every step of the way – answering questions, taking you through your management report and offering general support and advice to ensure you get the maximum value possible from our service.

To support you with any technical issues, we also have an experienced support team contactable by email or phone.

Valuable Information

On a regular basis, you’ll receive a detailed management report with information about your current compliance position and details of risks which may need your attention.

To support this you’ll also have on-demand access to over 100 cloud-based reports detailing everything from your licence entitlement to your software usage.

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