A new way of interacting with employees, customers and citizens

Chatbots have changed the way we engage with technology, organisations and has become part of our everyday life.

As such, end user expectations have also changed to reflect this, with many preferring a more conversational engagement rather than a static form or interacting with a call centre. While improving this experience chatbots can also help automate many of the tasks associated with simple requests i.e. validating a form or starting a process flow, which in turn reduces the time and cost spent as an organisation dealing with these requests.

Leveraging Azure as a platform can ensure that the chatbot developed is scalable and can grow with your organisation and any increases in demand for your services or support. However, it also enables you to build bots with more enhanced capabilities such as sentiment analysis and take an omni-channel approach to ensure that when required the conversation can be naturally handed over to a human (either via web chat or transferred over the phone).

We can help support you to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and help transform the way you engage with your key stakeholders and users. Deliver an improved experience, benefit from the efficiencies generated by automation and also improve the analytics available on the data generated by your assistants.