The threat landscape of cyber security is evolving, with four in ten organisations impacted by a cyber breach in 2020*. Most organisations don’t have the resources to track how, who, or when.

*According to research by McCormickCo

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) is the most authoritative guide of standards for healthcare organisations and their associates across the UK.

It is designed to show care providers what is required of them to keep information safe, and it’s a requirement for all healthcare organisations to complete annually. Due to this requirement, DSPT compliance provides public confidence in NHS organisations by showing their dedication to safeguarding vital data.

Many healthcare organisations aren’t meeting these standards, leading to lack of security, additional workloads, and lack of public trust. By implementing a solution designed to guide you through a tailored plan to reaching DSPT compliance, your organisation will see several benefits.

The solution

DSPT View, from McCormickCo Security, is the first solution which can provide near to real-time unparalleled insights into your security posture. Utilising Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Power BI at an organisational or Integrated Care System (ICS) level, and providing compliance for the NHS Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT).

Focusing on the detail of controls, this solution supports and provides evidence for 52 of the DSPT assertions: DSPT View is aligned to 50 assertions – 46 of these being mandatory.


Orange tick iconCloud-native design: your current on-premise infrastructure won’t be affected by the implementation of DSPT View

Orange tick iconReal-time view of your Data Security Protection Toolkit

Orange tick iconAccess to your recommended security controls to strengthen your foundations

Orange tick iconFull view over your asset’s weaknesses

With this solution, you will ensure full DSPT compliance to assure your employees and patients with full, tailored cyber security best practise.

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