Protecting your data (wherever it lives) has never been more crucial

Backing up your organisations data is a fundamental requirement to ensure that should an outage happen for any reason, you can continue to run as normal, returning to a point in time – usually just before the outage happened.

A backup is simply a copy of all or part of your organisations data, that is stored separately from the originating place of the data; this can be stored locally, offsite or both and is typically linked to an organisations disaster recovery (DR) strategy. A ‘snapshot’ of this data is copied anywhere from once, to several times a day so that in the event of an outage, you can restore all of the data from that point backwards. Backups can be copied singular applications, your physical environment, your virtual environment or your cloud environment.

Phoenix work with a select number of backup vendors that can partner with your organisation to find a solution for you. We typically backup your data in these ways: