Data Management

Data, and the way in which it is stored, backed up and leveraged, is arguably the most important asset owned by an organisation – after the employees of course. It is therefore important to ensure that this valuable asset is well looked after and your organisation is gaining as much value as it can from your data, while keeping it secure.

For a lot of our customers, data storage requirements are increasing and for some the volumes involved are causing some headaches, especially when it comes to storing this in a cost-effective way. Then there is the challenge of deciding where to store your data, should this be on-premise or in the cloud? If we put it in the cloud will our users or applications be able gain access to it quickly enough and will it be secure?

Typically, there are many more questions around data storage which can be challenging, such as compliance, data sovereignty, backup and how to ensure your organisation can survive a disaster situation. Whilst you are considering these things it’s often easy to overlook the important question of how can I deliver more value to my organisation from the data we store?

Phoenix are skilled at helping customers with data requirements across the board including the key areas of; storage, backup and data analytics. Please contact us to understand how our consultative approach can work with your team to review your data requirements.