Network Security

Attackers frequently target the network as a first step in penetrating an organisation, as it is the underpinning connector between the whole business.

Network security is all about defending the network from a variety of threats, utilising both hardware and software to protect network infrastructure from unauthorised access, malfunction, modification, and destruction. Phoenix can assist with all of your Network Security requirements, working with market leading Firewall providers we can help you secure your perimeter to the highest standards possible.

Also, with an increase in demand for public cloud services, Phoenix can advise you on what exactly the Cloud Provider is responsible for and what you are responsible for when deploying services in the cloud. Many organisations assume that because their data is held in the public cloud, it is the cloud providers responsibility to secure that data. In fact the Cloud Provider is only responsible for the up-time of the infrastructure, and NOT your data. Phoenix can work with you to understand the “Shared Responsibility Model” and work with you to bake in security & continuity into your cloud infrastructure from the start. Leaving no room for cyber criminals to exploit you.