Application Modernisation

Application Modernisation comes in many forms which can include transforming applications through hardware upgrades, full cloud-native application redevelopment using cloud micro-services and SaaS services.

At Phoenix we are helping customers transform applications in many ways and our customers have seen benefits by transferring to a Software-as-a-Service model for applications or even a simple upgrade to a newer version of their existing software. We’ve also transformed applications without transforming them at all – great efficiencies can be gained by migrating older applications to newer hardware with access to faster storage.

It’s critical however, that organisations understand their existing software licencing before they review options for transformation, to ensure that future plans are possible and cost effective – therefore Phoenix can provide Software Asset Management services to assist here.

By modernising your organisations legacy applications you can unlock improved efficiencies and deliver better services to your staff, citizens, patients, students, tenants or any other person who interacts with your organisation.