The hub for teamwork in Office 365

With the growing role of remote work in today’s business environment, organisations need a reliable and secure virtual collaboration platform to bring everyone together.

Woman presenting on a Microsoft Hub s2

Microsoft Teams provides a hub for teamwork where people can call, meet, chat and collaborate all in one place with enterprise grade security and compliance. All in one place, wherever you and your team are.

Teams helps organisations improve access to information and free up workers to focus on higher-value activities, thus reducing operating costs, accelerating time-to-market, and fostering greater innovation.

  • Save time by reducing number of meetings
  • Handle all communication with one tool
  • Empower workers and improve satisfaction

A financial analysis by Forrester found that organisations experienced present value benefits of $30.3 million over three years versus costs of $3.2 million, resulting in a net present value of $27.1 million and an 832% return on investment.

Source: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Teams – April 2019