Like any other infrastructure, it’s important to ensure you’re getting the most from your cloud environment without spending unnecessarily on underutilised resources and applications. However, this requires additional skilled resource that some organisations don’t have in-house, resulting in environments that aren’t operated and managed efficiently.

What is Azure cost management and optimisation?

Microsoft Azure cost management and optimisation is an on-going process that includes reviewing and monitoring your Azure cloud usage and adjusting it to meet your current requirements. By proactively assessing your usage on an ongoing basis, you’re gaining greater understanding and control over your Azure spending, making it easier for you to predict future costs which is a big advantage when preparing financial budgets.

Not only can this process help optimise your spending it also contributes to improving your operational efficiency. By only utilising what your organisation requires, your team can focus solely on the resources you need, leading to improved productivity and performance.

Managed Cost Management and Optimisation for Azure

The Phoenix Managed Cost Management and Optimisation for Azure managed service is designed to help organisations understand, manage, and optimise their Azure spend, aligning the deliverables and outcomes with the FinOps methodology to provide the visibility and controls needed for the effective management of an organisation’s Microsoft Azure cloud investment.

Utilising the Microsoft Cost Management for Azure set of FinOps tools and Phoenix’s proprietary discovery and reporting solution, our managed service provides:

Cost visibility: proprietary reporting that can present a unified view of consolidated costs across your organisation’s Azure estate, with detailed analysis

Cost optimisation: discovering opportunities for rightsizing and recommending appropriate updates to Azure resources

Budget tracking and alerts: helping your organisation create and manage appropriate Azure spending thresholds and alerts

Insights and recommendations: analysing usage patterns and trends to further optimise your organisation’s Azure spend

Integration with other Azure services: presenting a holistic view of your organisation’s Azure environment

The benefits of our Managed Cost Management and Optimisation for Azure

Choosing our Managed Cost Management and Optimisation for Azure service gives you access to our Microsoft Azure Specialists who will work with you to create a programme for reviewing, monitoring and optimising your Azure expenditure so you’re not overspending on resources. The service will be tailored specifically to your needs, providing assurance that your Azure environment is optimised, and costs are managed and understood. Benefits of the managed service include:

A dedicated Azure Specialist who will be your primary contact for all aspects of the managed service

Alignment with the FinOps operational framework designed to maximise the business value of cloud through the focused management and optimisation of costs

Regular scheduled assessment of your Azure usage, with reporting to provide insights into spending and documented opportunities for cost optimisation*

Strategic reviews to consider your current Azure spend profile and future plans in the context of Azure resource requirements and utilisation, going significantly beyond standard Microsoft portal recommendations

Licensing and subscription guidance through access to a dedicated Azure Licensing Specialist, who can advise on the most cost-effective approach for subscribing to and licensing your specific Azure requirements

Assistance with applying cost optimisation recommendations, including resource rightsizing activities and Azure reservations management

Options for single or multi-year managed service terms

Results that matter

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Operating and securing your Azure investment

For organisations looking for proactive support and guidance with operating and securing your Azure environment, Phoenix also offers our Managed Cloud Operations for Azure service.

Get full access to our team of Microsoft Azure Specialists who’ll support and guide you in managing your cloud environment and ensuring it remains secure and optimised.

Our Managed Cloud Operations for Azure service is available in several service tiers offering both standard and enhanced features and hours of operation. By working with our specialists, we’re able to offer a service that meets your organisation’s needs and ensures your Azure environment is optimised and available to support your workforce and business objectives.

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Why partner with Phoenix?

Get support for your Azure environment from the specialists.

We’re a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, Microsoft 2021 UK Partner of the Year, and hold 11 specialisations with Microsoft, including Microsoft Cloud, Security, and Azure Infrastructure.

Our in-house Microsoft Azure Specialists have considerable knowledge of managing and optimising our customers’ Azure environments and ensuring they’re meeting their cloud potential while staying in control of their spending.

Microsoft Cloud, Microsoft Security, Microsoft Azure Infrastructure specialistations. Microsoft Solutions Partner. Microsoft UK 2021 Partner of the Year. Microsoft 2023 Modern Endpoint Management Winner and Microsoft FastTrack Finalist.

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