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68 cyber attacks will have been attempted*,

costing businesses like yours £317.5 million**.

81.4% of UK organisations have experienced at least one cyber attack in the last year.

73% of UK organisations were hit with a ransomware attack in the last 12 months.

13% of those paid the ransom, costing them on average £1.8 million

Reliable and efficient data and system security is paramount in today’s dynamic digital landscape. With constant developments challenging organisations to remain ahead of potential threats and protect their systems and data, its vital that your cyber security solutions can identify and respond to threats quickly and effectively – something only a managed detection and response (MDR) service will support you to do.

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How are you managing your cyber security?

In a modern, digital world where a lot of resources are online and always accessible, data and system security is crucial to avoid unwanted costs and reputation damage. However, we understand that many organisations won’t have the resources, skills, and budget to support an always-on managed detection and response service in-house. These organisations need support to protect their business and employees from ever evolving and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, which is why we have launched our Sentinel Essentials managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) service.

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Sentinel Essentials

Stay ahead of cyber threats with a fully supported managed detection and response service that identifies them and helps you respond to and manage them.

Our Sentinel Essentials managed detection and response service is managed and delivered by our SOC team, whose job it is to manage, detect, and respond to our customers’ cyber security incidents 24/7 365 days a year.

It leverages the power of Microsoft Sentinel to provide you with a thorough understanding of what security events, issues, and threats are happening in real-time within your on-premise and cloud environments.

Our cyber security analysts’ knowledge and experience and our ongoing research into of the cyber security threat landscape is delivered using Microsoft’s leading SIEM tool to improve your organisation’s cyber security posture.

What is Sentinel Essentials?

Sentinel Essentials proactively identifies threats and supports you with a response to manage them, using analysis of log data constantly captured from your existing infrastructure. Threat intelligence data used by our SOC team to enrich Sentinel provides further confidence by identifying security incidents that are triggered and their potential impacts on your organisation.

Our cyber security analysts work with you to identify security threats and provide a targeted response, utilising our industry experience alongside AI and machine learning algorithms developed by Microsoft Security.

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Stay ahead of threats: how to protect your organisation with managed security solution

In a 2022 survey by the NCSC, 3 in 10 organisations (31%) reported that they experienced breaches or attacks at least once a week. Due to the frequency of attacks, it’s vital to have a strategy in place to protect your organisation.

Join us on-demand to discuss the current threats your organisation faces and how a managed security solution supports your organisation to stay protected 24/ 7.

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I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Phoenix for their excellent response to a potential cyber incident on Tuesday evening. Phoenix has been exceptional in the handling of the incident from alerting us and managing things through to liaising with our PSN assessor.
Response from a UK Council based on its experience of using our Sentinel Essentials managed service

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The benefits of our Sentinel Essentials managed detection and response service

Choosing our Sentinel Essentials MDR service gives you access to our cyber security specialists who will analyse log data, identify current security threats, and respond quickly to cyber security incidents. The service is tailored specifically to your organisation’s requirements and gives you confidence that your systems and data are protected.

Rapid threat identification and response

24/ 7 365 monitoring, protection, and response for your systems and data

Saves time and money

No additional recruitment and training costs and your internal IT team can focus on other business centered tasks

Greater security specialism

Optimise and improve your existing cyber security investments with access to security specialists

Dynamic threat and attack identification

Proactive threat hunting enabling fast detection and response

Adaptable and scalable

Flexibility to tailor the service based on your organisation’s infrastructure and technology

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Protecting our customers in every sector

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Local and regional government

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Private sector

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Charities and not-for-profits

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Why partner with Phoenix?

A Microsoft managed service from the specialists.

We’re a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security, a member of Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Association (MISA), and Microsoft’s UK Partner of the Year 2021.

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) team behind our Sentinel Essentials managed SOC service have extensive experience within the managed detection and response and general cyber security space and are available 24/7 when you need them.

Working with Microsoft’s leading SIEM technology, Sentinel combined with other threat detection tools and techniques, we monitor and analyse network traffic, identify potential security threats, and respond to incidents promptly. This allows you to focus on your core business goals, knowing that your cyber security is being successfully managed.

Member of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

Microsoft Solutions Partner - Security

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*According to 65,000 data breach attempts from Hiscox and our calculations on average page read time.

**According to the average cost of a data breach from Comparitech and calculations from 65,000 data breach attempts from Hiscox.