Our Sentinel Essentials managed service leverages the power of Microsoft Sentinel to provide you with a thorough understanding of what security events, issues, and threats are happening in real-time within your on-premise and cloud environments.

Reliable and efficient data and system security is paramount in today’s dynamic digital landscape. With constant developments challenging organisations to remain ahead of potential threats and protect their systems, its vital that your cyber security solutions can identify and respond threats quickly and effectively.

What is Sentinel Essentials?

Sentinel Essentials proactively identifies threats and supports you with a response to manage them. Our cyber security analysts will work with you to identify security threats and provide a targeted response, utilising our industry experience alongside AI and machine learning algorithms developed by Microsoft.

The benefits of Sentinel Essentials

Choosing our Sentinel Essentials service gives you access to our cyber security specialists who will analyse log data, identify current security threats, and respond quickly to cyber security incidents. The service is tailored specifically to your organisation’s requirements and gives you confidence that your systems and data are protected.