See immediate benefits across the entire organisation and cost savings of up to 30% on your software spend

According to Gartner, software asset management (SAM) is a C-level imperative. “Digital businesses cannot function without software, which is forcing IT leaders to deliver better process and cost transparency to improve IT services, licence compliance, and alignment with business objectives.”

For organisations that want the benefits of SAM and cost optimisation, including cost reductions, minimised compliance risks and greater business intelligence, but who don’t have the bandwidth or specialist skills or staff to manage a fully-fledged SAM program, a SAM managed service is the answer.

An effective SAM strategy usually requires a full-time hire, such as a SAM Manager, or at the very least a considerable amount of someone else’s time within the IT or Operations department. The ever changing and complex world of licensing is a tough subject to stay on top of and even if you are confident, dedicating a lot of your time to mundane number crunching isn’t the most productive use of your time.

By letting Phoenix take on the ‘number-crunching’ element of SAM, allows your organisation to focus on the results of the periodic reviews, allowing you to make the most of the information provided. This results in halving the turn around time on reducing the risks identified and delivering those much needed cost savings. Data provided during a managed service also allows us to deliver insights into your future software and strategy planning as well as an advantage when negotiating licensing agreements with manufacturers.