The digital identity company, Imprivata understands unique and complex healthcare workflows and IT systems making it a world leader in trusted digital identity management for health delivery organisations.

From enterprise access management and authentication workflows, to identity governance and risk analytics and intelligence, Imprivata has organisations like yours covered.

The healthcare sector’s digital transformation initially focused on optimising clinical workflows within the traditional hospital setting, the leading examples being the Global Digital Exemplars. Now care is being delivered across an even broader ecosystem. Because of this, an increasing number of users within different roles, for example in primary care, social care, community and mental health trusts, need secure and efficient access to a wider variety of applications from any device, in any location.

The rapid increase of cloud applications, expanding number of connected devices, and increasingly decentralised workforce in healthcare has eroded the once well-defined network perimeter. In this new ecosystem, a comprehensive digital identity strategy is critical to enable secure, compliant, and efficient workflows. Establishing, managing, and securing trusted digital identities gives all users access to the applications and information they need, from any device, anytime and anywhere.

In this new, complex ecosystem, digital identity is the anchor of an effective security strategy. By focusing on digital identity, organisations will solve their critical workflow, security, and compliance challenges.