Storage and data management solutions that deliver outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate business breakthroughs. Dedication to the principles of simplicity, innovation, and customer success has made NetApp one of the fastest-growing storage and data management providers today.

Customers around the world choose NetApp for its ‘go beyond’ approach and broad portfolio of solutions for business applications, storage for virtual servers, disk-to-disk backup, and more. NetApp’s data management technologies work together with its unified architecture and single operating system to maximise value, speed, and efficiency across the IT infrastructure. With NetApp, customers can reduce backup times from days to minutes, recover a single file or an e-mail message in seconds, and restore a database to production in a matter of minutes. Because NetApp’s flexible architecture facilitates change, customers can scale their architecture up or down without disrupting ongoing operations.

Many NetApp customers are able to cut their storage requirements in half without sacrificing performance or resiliency, even in today’s growing virtualised environments. As they cut their storage requirements, they also reduce their operational costs, power requirements, cooling loads, and data centre space requirements. Customers can rely on NetApp’s industry-leading solutions to lower the cost of protecting their data, their business, and their reputation.

NetApp doesn’t just cut costs – it delivers breakthrough capabilities that accelerate customers’ business and give them a competitive edge. Customers can meet aggressive service-level agreements with lightning-fast response times. NetApp solutions and virtualised storage technologies can provide non-stop availability of critical business data and speed product development, so companies can deploy new capabilities with confidence and get to revenue faster than ever before.

Phoenix Software is a NetApp Gold Partner and works closely with NetApp to supply its products as a component part of our own designed solutions, as well as to meet our customers’ specific requirements.