In previous episodes of POD we’ve looked at topics that are connected to building a modern workplace, such as Microsoft’s vision, accessibility and inclusion and Microsoft Teams for collaboration, but how do you bring all of this (and more) together – where do you start?

In this episode, we are lucky enough to have a very forward thinking customer of ours with us to share their digital transformation journey, the reasons behind it and some of the details around the projects they have underway. We will discuss how communications, IT, project management and change management all play a vital role within a large transformational project.

Joining us today we have Jennifer Clewley (Business Development and Transformation at Selby District Council), Stuart Robinson (Head of Business Development & Improvement at Selby District Council), Mike James (Communications and Marketing Manager at Selby District Council), Emily Woods (Account Manager at Phoenix) and our regular host, Jonny Scott (Vendor Alliance Manager at Phoenix).

Where did their journey start?

We recently recorded a video with Selby District Council looking at their vision and what they were looking to achieve. So, before you listen to how they’re doing now, why not watch the video and see where it all began.

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Season One | Episode 12 | Building a Modern Workplace with Microsoft