The emergence of COVID-19 has led to a massive change, uncertainty and new challenges for many of us, but how do we ensure that our organisations can continue to run in a secure and seamless fashion during a global pandemic?

Most organisations in today’s world take Business Continuity Planning very seriously and have people, processes and technology in place to ensure that they can continue to run under extreme circumstances, but perhaps not this extreme. In light of COVID-19 many businesses have been forced to shut down, furlough staff or in some extreme cases, go bust and cease to operate entirely. What can we do to ensure we are implementing effective continuity plans that will stand us in good stead?

We have some industry experts on this episode of POD to discuss these matters and shed some light on what a robust Business Continuity Plan should look like, the steps you need to take to achieve this and considerations to think about within your own organisation.

Joining us is Helen McElroy (Senior Information Governance Specialist at Evolve North), Paul Szelesi (Solution Architect Manager for EMEA at Veeam), Mark Dennis (Owner of Evolve North) and Tracey Hannan-Jones (Security Risk and Compliance Consultant at Phoenix).

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Season One | Episode 21 | Business Continuity in Light of COVID-19