It has been quite a year for central government so far. While planning for Brexit the world was struck by the global pandemic of COVID-19, which further impacted central government and the services they needed to continue to provide, while also having to adopt new ways of working.

So as we look forward, central government still have the looming exit from the European Union and are shaping up a new industrial strategy which will put digital at the forefront of all of their public services. But what are the challenges they face on a daily basis, what are they looking to achieve and how can technology play a part in this to shape the new normal rather than reverting back to the traditional approach.

Joining us today to discuss this we have Charlotte Henigan (Enterprise Channel Manager for Central Government at Microsoft), Aaron Prior (Industry Executive at Microsoft), Keith Martin (Sales Director at Phoenix) and Craig Taylor (Director of Cloud Solutions at Phoenix)

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Season One | Episode 23 | The 'New Normal' vs Back to Normal